Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Standard





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Written by Lana Lou Lane

Updated for clarity, by Al Walker, ARF Genealogist
January 1, 2008


RELATED BREEDS:  “White English Bulldogs”

                                        “American Bulldogs”

                                        “Old Southern Bulldogs”


PURPOSE:  Is for “Guardian”, “Protector”, and “Family Companion”.


OVERALL IMPRESSION:  Square, powerfully built; agile and athletic for

                                                 size, and alert.  Should give impression of

                                                 nobility; thereby, the term “BLUE BLOOD”.


HEAD:  Large, flat across the skull, square, heavily muscled in males.


MUZZLE:  Square with heavily muscled jaws; length not to exceed 40%

                     of the skull, from “stop” to “end” of nose, being 2 to 2-3/4 inches

                     in length, plus or minus a 1/4 inch.


NOSE:  Color: Black is the ideal color; however, “Gray”, or “Liver” color

              will occur.


EARS:  Rose-ears, medium-size, to half-perked with forward roll, carried

              close to the head. 


EYES:  Almond-shaped to round, medium sized.  Color: Brown is the ideal

              color; however, “Glass” or “Marble” eyes will occur.


NECK:  Thick, of medium length.


SHOULDERS:  Short length, heavily muscled, and well tied in with the front



CHEST:  Wide and deep with a well sprung ribcage.


BACK:  Straight; length equal to height at shoulders. 

TAIL:  Optimum length; should reach the hocks in a relaxed position; come

             over the back in an excited position.  Final 1/3 of tail to have a

             gradual upward curvature. 


FORELEGS:  Straight and extremely thick-boned; toes well knuckled up

                         with thick pads.  Dewclaws not removed.


HINDQUARTER:  Hips narrower than shoulders; well musculared and in

                                  proportion to the forequarters.


COAT:  Short-to-medium length; fairly stiff to the touch, with soft



COLOR:  Any color and white.  “Solid colors” and “solid whites” not “Show



“Show Stock”: High points: 40 to 60 percent “color”, and “white”.

                          Medium points: Over 60 percent “color”, and “white”.

                          Low points: Under 40 percent “color”, and “white”.


SIZE:  Males: 22 - 25 inches at the withers, weighing 70 to 90 pounds.

            Females: 20 – 23 inches at the withers, weighing 50 to 70 pounds.

            1 inch variation in height is allowed.

            5 to 10 pounds in variation of weight is allowed.



Note:  The male’s height should not be less than 21, or greater than 25

            inches, at the withers.

            The female’s height should not be less than 19, or greater than 24

            inches, at the withers.

            The male’s body weight should not exceed 100 pounds, or be less than

             65 pounds.

            The female’s body weight should not exceed 80 pounds, or be less than

            55 pounds.

Note:  However, there may be on rare occasions where a male may weigh in at 110 pounds, and where a female may weigh in at 90 pounds.  Therefore, these “Alapahas” can be bred back to a smaller male, or female, to normalize the Breed Standard’s body weight in the pups.  But, to place the larger “Alapahas” into a “Conformation” show-ring, they would fail to meet the breed’s standard.


“Alapahas” that would be disqualified to be shown in a “Conformation” show; having …

1.      Docked tails

2.      Cropped ears

3.      Cow-hocked

4.      Deafness, as found in “white” or “almost white” dogs

5.      Eyelids that are turned out

6.      Testicles that have not descended

7.      Swayed backs

8.      Dogs taller or shorter than the breed standard allows

9.      Dogs heavier or lighter than the breed standard allows

10.  All solid “colored” and all solid “whites”.